Hydrologic Characterization Tool (HCT)

Hydrologic Characterization Tool (HCT)


J Boll (Washington State University Pullman), ES Brooks (University of Idaho), Z Easton (Virginia Tech), L Kurkalova (North Carolina Ag & Tech), B Rittenburg (Univesrity of Idaho), A Squires (University of Idaho), TS Steenhuis (Cornell University), G Vellidis (University of Georgia), JD Wulfhorst (University of Idaho)



Project Goal

The goal of this project was to use an exisiting process-based model (i.e., the USDA WEPP model to develop a web-based hydrologic characterization tool (HCT) that could be used by water resources managers to evaluate the impact of agricultural best management practices on water quality (i.e., sediment, nutrients, and pesticides) for a region of interest. Click here for more information on the HCT.

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This research was supported by USDA NIFA as a Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP) Synthesis project.

sheila m. saia, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher


. Asssessing BMP effectiveness and guiding BMP planning using process-based modeling. In JAWRA, 2015.

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. Incorporating pesticide transport into the WEPP model for mulch tillage and no tillage plots with an underlying claypan soil. In Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 2013.

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