Water Management in Crete, Greece

Water Management in Crete, Greece


M Kurth (Cornell University), M Bowes (Cornell University), TS Steenhuis (Cornell University), G Holst-Warhaft (Cornell University), Mayor N. Kastronakis (Municipality of Crete, Greece), G Garakis (Municipality of Crete, Greece)



Project Goal

The goal of this project was to collaborate with a law student (M Bowes) and a natural resources student (M Kurth) at Cornell University to synthesize a report on local water resources for the Municipality of Neapolis in Crete, Greece. This report also included a series of recommendations for the Municipality to consider as they adapt to increasing water scarcity in the region.

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This research was supported by Cornell University Atkinson’s Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University Mediterranean Studies Initiative, and the US Department of Education’s Foreign Language and Area Studies Program.

sheila m. saia, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher